Monkfruit Sweetner

When I’ve gone to Costco, I’ve seen Monkfruit Sweetener a few times, but never gave it too much attention. However, during the last visit, it caught my eye a little more as I’ve been on a super substitute mission.

Yesterday, when I was at Fresh Thyme, I saw a small bag of the Monkfruit (not like the monster bags at Costco). I decided to grab one to give it a try. What I am after for the sugar substitute is something that actually sweetens my coffee, and baked goods, like sugar, and is a one-to-one ratio for recipes.

After trying Monkfruit in my coffee today, then again in my homemade strawberry ice cream today, I think I’m ready to go big with the Monkfruit. The coffee tasted as it does with sugar, and the ice cream was delicious. No one could tell it wasn’t made with real sugar.

I’d still like to do a little more experimenting before making the big switch. The big bag at Costco is already on my list. I figure it will allow me to do some large scale baking with some cookies, a cake, and some bread.

If all of that works out, sugar will become less of a staple, with Monkfruit as its replacement. And I, and the family, will be the healthier for it.

Here’s to healing my chi!

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