Both Sides of Their Mouths

Are you as tired as I am of trumpublicans talking out of both sides of their mouths? It is so obvious what they are doing, with video to back it up, and yet they continue the practice.

For months we heard the election was going to be rigged. Then the country’s most expert cybersecurity officer said it was the safest election ever held by the country.

We heard vote by mail was just about the worst thing one could do. Then we found out it was the best way to do to ensure one’s vote counted and created a paper trail for recounts.

We heard the twice impeached president won by a landslide. Then all Secretaries of States certified the election results, and 60 court cases confirmed, Biden won by a landslide of popular votes and won handily electorally.

We heard the twice impeached president didn’t incite the insurrection on January 6, 2021. Then we heard many of the arrested insurrectionists cite they did what they did because the twice impeached president told them to do it.

We heard the Senate couldn’t be called back into session to hold the impeachment trial without the approval of all 100 senators to do so. Then we found out about a little known part of 9/11 legislation allows the Senate to be called back if both Senate leaders agreed, to which Mitch McConnell refused to do.

Now we are hearing the trumpublicans are trying to tell us the Senate can’t conduct a trial on a twice impeached president after he has left office even when it was McConnell who did not allow the trial to take place (see above) while in office. Then we find out there is precedence showing a former federal official can be tried after leaving office because it has happened before, and the Senate confirmed so today with a 56-44 vote.

When this happens I wonder two things: 1) How do they have the continual gumption to keeping talking out of both sides of their mouths; and 2) Why are there still members of the electorate who believe the many lies being told rather than the facts?

The larger question is, when will those speaking out of both sides of their mouths stop along with when will those who believe them stop believing?

Hopefully soon to both.

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