Roll Call Vote or Secret Vote

Which is more important? A Roll Call Vote in the open on record, or a secret vote where Senators can truly vote their conscience. There are benefits to both, but what outcome would be most beneficial?

If anyone, after watching today’s testimony, even just a smidgen of it, still believes the twice impeached former president isn’t guilty of inciting an insurrection, and attempted a coup, then truly whomever that may be, has lost the faculty to think and reflect critically.

The case being presented isn’t, in my opinion, for the Senate as jury of the trial. It really is for us, the American voter. The House Managers are laying out a very focused concise case of how the twice impeached former president, starting months ago, through his actions and words, caused the breach of the Capitol. Using the words we all heard and video we have seen on the news, the case has been made. Truly, for anyone who has been paying attention and has the ability to think critically, we already know the twice impeached former president is guilty.

What we don’t know yet is, will there be any true Republicans, not trumpublicans, but actual Republicans left in the Senate, who will do the right thing. The right thing being to either vote to convict, or to stay away for the vote, thus allowing the 2/3rds of Senators present, be less than the presumed 67 find him guilty.

Part of me believes it should be a Roll Call Vote in which Senators must publicly state they are voting to acquit the man who incited the attempted coup. Being on the record could be used in future campaigns to dispute a Senators words or actions. When a Senator says they are for law and order, pull out their perpetuation of the Big Lie, their vote in this second impeachment trial, and photos of law enforcement officers being attacked and their resultant injuries. When they tout their support of the Constitution, pull out their perpetuation of the Big Lie, and their vote in this second impeachment trial. The political ads will write themselves.

A Roll Call Vote also holds them accountable to perform their duties as a Senator in impeachment trials. They are elected to uphold the Constitution. They are elected to hold the Executive Branch of government in check. They are elected to hold country over party as sacred.

On the flip side, a secret vote, if even possible, may accomplish what at Roll Call Vote cannot, find the twice impeached former president guilty of inciting insurrection. A secret vote does not provide for political ads in which to use against the sitting Republicans/trumpublicans. It does allow a Senator to vote their conscience, to vote guilty without retribution later. Each Republican/trumpublican can state they voted to acquit and no one but their maker will know the difference. It will provide them cover to do the right thing. It is the possibility of actually finding the man guilty leading me to want a secret ballot. Does the ends justify the means?

I’m not sure which would be best for the country in the long term.

Would the guilty verdict be best in the long term? Would it be enough to curtail any future insurrections and election of another authoritarian want-to-be? Would it curtail politicians from propagating another Big Lie?

Or would an acquittal, with all Senators on the record, be better in the long run. Would the political ads against supporters of insurrectionists and coup attempts aid in turning the sycophants of the twice impeached former president out of office be more beneficial? Would not having those types of personalities in positions of power, who favor power and greed over the good of the American people, help move us towards a more perfect union in which all people truly are created equal?

I’m not sure which, a Roll Call Vote or a secret vote, would be best for the country in the long term.

What do you think?

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