Are the Democrats Battle Ready? (Repost from November 16, 2020)

The trumplicans/Republicans are already stepping back into their old habits. Will we also see the Democrats stepping back into their old habits? The Democrats have a mandate. Biden/Harris won handily and the Democrats maintained control of the House, and with the help of Georgia, have control of the Senate. Watching the news today, I thought this former post is an appropriate reminder to the Democrats. The battle for the soul and good of the nation will continue. Democrats, are you battle ready?

Our country has been through many battles and wars. From the American Revolution to the Civil War through World II and Viet Nam. Each of these have taught us more about ourselves as a country, and in some ways, humbled us on the world stage. However, none of the modern day wars diminished our standing in the world long-term.

What has diminished our standing in the world was the election of the current lame duck in 2016. In just four short years, a reputation we’ve built over 240 years is gone. All because of a man who cares not a wit about anything but his own fragile ego.

As we appear to be mired in transition dilemma, I wonder if the Democrats, from the common man to elected leaders have the stomach for a long-term battle for the soul of our nation. Biden has won, but will he be able to govern? Are the Democrats in Congress ready to go up against a party with no morals, ethics, or shame?

I’m not so sure they are. So far, Biden is playing it safe. Too safe. He appears to be trying so hard not to appear to be like the lame duck personality-wise—not a bad thing, that he is undermining himself in being able to govern later—not a good thing.

Biden, and the Democrats, should take a look at history, and do it quickly. Biden is going to have to go big in vision like FDR, have the charisma of JFK, and the moxie of LBJ. He needs to build back better and earn the initials JRB. If he can’t turn us all towards believing we can go big and win, he will not be able to govern.

In comparing to history, the GOP fights like the Viet Cong and the Nazis. Each waged a guerrilla war, albeit in different ways. These two groups were unconventional in how they fought, the Viet Cong in not following wartime battle “rules”, the Nazis by eroding the government and institutions from within in very measured ways. Both groups won in their own way.

While on the flip side, the Democrats are waging battles like the British during the Revolutionary War and we did during the two Great Wars. They go to battle with a very laid out plan, and dignified. Both worthy ideals, but it really isn’t working well overall. Disinformation, divisiveness, and conspiracy theories are rampant, and extremely out of control.

Of course the Democrats should not stoop to the level of the GOP. Doing so will not move us forward, or begin to the heal the divide. But, one can play hardball in dignified and respectful ways.

They should continue to hit the airwaves with ads about raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, free community college tuition, immediate Covid-19 relief, protecting our elections, and other kitchen table concerns of the 99%. These messages should also be designed in different ways, and different languages, for different platforms so they can be played on FaceBook, Twitter, TikTok, and yes, even Parler and Fox News, most especially the latter two.

Democrats also need to get themselves to Georgia because without the Senate, the next two years are going to be lost years like Obama’s final six were due to do nothing Republicans (currently known as trumpists). Biden and Harris need to get themselves down to Georgia to both publicly endorse both candidates again, and campaign for Ossof and Warnock. The Obamas need to get themselves down to Georgia to campaign for Ossof and Warnock. Jamie Harrison, Andrew Yang, and Beto O’Rourke need to get themselves to George to campaign for Ossof and Warnock.

The DNC need to get the money to both candidates and to any organization that is helping Stacey Abrams and LaTosha Brown. Bloomberg, Steyer, and Cuban need to get their billions into the race by making and airing ads in support of Ossof and Warnock, and they definitely need to help bankroll The Meidas Brothers and 11th Hour Films.

If the Democrats are serious, really serious this time, about governing, about saving America, and about changing the future of our country, then they really need to get serious to win the Georgia run-off elections, and in how they work with the opposing party Senators.

Biden ran on unity. He won on unity, and, because he was the anti-incumbent. Unity does not mean rolling over and playing dead, or kowtowing to the trumpists. It means moving everyone into the direction of building back better for everyone.

So President-elect Biden, Vice President-elect Harris, and Democrats as a whole need to start acting like you want to govern and to make things better.

Time is ticking and you don’t have long!

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