“We’re in a national emergency, and it’s time we treated it like one.”-President Biden

Finally the words we all needed hear, and a President who believes these words, is taking action towards helping the American people, and isn’t holding back in calling out the trumplicans/Republicans.

Yesterday I told my husband, which was also stated by Chris Hayes and author Heather McGhee last night, Senator Chuck Schumer needs to start passing bills that help the American people. In doing so, they will continue to win elections because they are actually helping people. The only way to do this is to abolish the filibuster (#AbolishTheFilibuster).

As long as the filibuster is in play, McConnell and the trumplicans/Republicans will stop everything hard, even when it hurts their very constituents, but not their billionaire backers. Democrats must prove they can govern, that they have learned how to deal with the obstructionists, and to call out the obstructionists. If they don’t, they will not win in the 2022 elections.

People are hurting. They will reward those who help them put food in their bellies, help them keep a roof over the heads of their children, help them keep the lights and gas on, help their children get an excellent education, and help them improve their quality of life.

If the trumplicans/Republicans had wanted to do that, they had plenty of opportunity over the past four years. They didn’t! They did give their billionaire backers huge tax breaks, decreased oversight over their billionaire backers business practices, and rolled-back regulations put in place by Democrats to ensure we have clean air, water, and a healthy planet.

So, Senator Schumer, you wanted to be Senate Majority Leader. We wanted a Democrat to be Senate Majority Leader. However, we wanted whomever is serving in that role to be a strong leader, someone who would be able to metaphorically, stare McConnell down until he blinks. To-date Senator Schumer you haven’t made McConnell blink. Which now means, your caucus still aren’t in their seats as Committee Chairs. Which means, you are not acting on behalf of the American people to bring them much needed relief.

To put it bluntly, you are not leading, you are still acting at the mercy of the so-called Minority Leader. I’m curious if you are going to act as Majority Leader or just accept the title without the power that goes with it.

If you can’t stare down McConnell and get busy governing, please step aside and endorse Senator Klobuchar, Senator Booker, Senator Murray, or Senator Sanders as majority leader.

We are watching, and we are wary. Make us proud of the votes, money, and time we gave to give you the leadership and majority in the Senate. If you don’t, it will be remembered, and unfortunately, the Democrats will pay at the 2022 ballot box for your incompetence.

We’re in a national emergency, it’s time to start treating it as one! Get busy passing bills to help us out of the quagmire the twice impeached president and trumplican sycophants got us into the last four years!

Your President and your American people have spoken.

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