Cognitive Dissonance

Are you feeling it too? A bit of disorientation right now with the change in presidential administrations. There is a lot of cognitive dissonance happening for many of us.

Think about it. We have gone almost a full waking day now without hearing anyone acting like a victim. The name of the lame duck has not been mentioned or invoked. There is actually some oxygen in the room again for so many others to breath.

We’ve had a new President and Vice President for less than eight hours. In that short time we’ve had all the pomp and circumstance possible during a pandemic. Many speeches about moving us forward, being open and honest, that together we can do it.

There have been no lies. No mean or vindictive tweets. No put-downs of women. No calling for violence. No name calling. No one saying the election was stolen. No negativity.

What we have had are words to lift us up. Executive orders putting us back into the World Health Organization, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, mandated masks in federal buildings and federal modes of transportation, extended eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, continued a pause of student loan payments until September, ended the Keystone XL pipeline development at national wildlife monuments, began advancing racial equity, mandated counting of all human beings living in the United States, strengthened workplace discrimination protections for LGBTQ populations, ended the Muslim travel ban, refocused ICE priorities, stopped border wall construction, froze harmful regulatory rollbacks, and for the Vice President alone, swore in three new senators. There was even a real, fact-filled press conference.

All of that in just the first seven hours of Biden’s presidency.

Will each day be as productive? Probably not! However, it shows Biden takes being President seriously. It is not a way to increase his personal coffers or power, it is a way to help the American people.

Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris! Welcome to the White House! We are so glad you are there, look forward to seeing what you can accomplish, and want you to know we have your back.

Now get to work! The country has been left in shambles by yet another Republican (trumplican) administration. It is up to the Democrats to do clean-up as always. Democrats, please remember to not only clean things up, but to also shout from the rooftops your accomplishments in communicated in laymen’s terms.

Finally, make sure you call out the opposition as loudly and as often as possible from the rooftops. Do NOT let them control the narrative. This is your area of growth—learn, grow, and do better.

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