What will tomorrow hold?

Will it be a historic momentous occasion with the 46th President sworn in along with his Vice President, the first woman, and the first person of color to hold that position?

Will it be a time of celebration as the lame duck’s administration becomes a has been? Or will it be a time of terror with white supremacists attacking the inauguration because they have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the lies from the trumplicans and alt right media?

Will we finally be a nation that comes back into the light with joy being a normal part of our day? Or will we be a nation at war with itself over whether we continue as a democracy, a Republic, or fall into the abyss of authoritarianism?

Will we return to believing facts as facts? Or will we continue to a populace where millions of people believe easily disproved lies told by their leaders and alt right media?

Will we regain class and tradition in the White House? Or will we continue our march to the lowest dregs as a society?

Will we move back to accepting and following norms, a people that follow the laws of the land, and believe in the Constitution? Or will we have more and more incidents of insurrection?

My hope is we move forward better and strive to be better. We must have justice and accountability, so we can move towards unity. We are now in a wait and see mode.

Time, as with everything, will tell.

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