A Prayer for Election Day

Dear Lord,

I have an odd prayer to share with you.

Tomorrow as you know, is Election Day here in the United States. A day many of us are both hopeful and dreading at the same time. We seem to have lost our way and it has been hard to maintain a Godly demeanor.

Our morality is being tested every day. We have people hurting because they have no health care. We have children hungry because food is scarce. We have our elders struggling to make ends meet because of the cost of things right now. We have people dying because we seem to have lost our sense of empathy for our neighbors.

Please help us through the next few days, weeks, and months. Help us to be safe as we travel to our jobs. Help us to be safe as we travel to the store. Help us to be safe as we travel to our places of worship. Help us to be safe in our homes.

We need your love and strength to help us use the thinking skills you have granted us to see right from wrong. We need your guidance in helping to make choices we will not regret later. We need your wisdom to lead us through these trying times.

Lord, please watch over my brothers and sisters here in the United States, and allow us to be in the world as you would have us be. Help us drive back, and drive away, the evil in some men and women’s hearts who would do us harm.

Please Lord, help us to follow the path you have chosen for us and for your will be done.

In Jesus’ name,


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