Dear President Bush

Dear President Bush,

Where are you? We need you more than ever? We need you to stand up, be a leader, speak out to help save our democracy!

During your presidency you ignored the Presidential Daily Brief when it stated Osama Bin Laden was determined to strike the United States.

During your presidency you lied to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction in order to declare war and invade Iraq.

During your presidency you allowed an economic crisis to happen due to your lack of oversight on financial, and other, institutions.

During your presidency you appointed John Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as payback for his helping in getting you appointed as President.

To date, you have not apologized to the American people for the aftermath of your decisions: thousands dead from 9/11, thousands dead with trillions spent on Operation Desert Storm, allowing millions of people to lose their homes and jobs in the economic crisis, and helping bring about the end of Citizens United and gutting of the Voting Rights Act setting up the current voter suppression across our great country.

It is time for your apology and restitution to the country. It is time for you to stand up. It is time for you to be a leader. It is past time for you to speak out to save our democracy.

President Bush, it is time for you to voice the words out loud, on camera, to the nation, that you do not support the incumbent. That the incumbent is working to undermine our democracy. That you will be voting for Joe Biden to save our Republic.

I believe in you. I have faith in you. Please, Mr. President, do the right thing, the moral thing, the patriotic thing.

Speak out before it is too late. We need you in these final hours of democracy and the window to vote is still open.

Thank you in advance for showing us there is still a Republican Party of standing.


P.S.-Everyone plan your vote, then follow your plan. Do not mail in your ballot, drop it off at an official drop box or local election office, vote early if still possible, or vote in person. I invite you to vote blue up and down the ballot to save us all.

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