Happy Halloween

This evening our neighborhood held a Halloween get together 2020 style. We didn’t want the kids to miss out on yet one more thing this year, so we planned an event that would be as safe as possible.

Our neighborhood has a gazebo in a large open space. Some of the Social Committee members decorated the gazebo for the costume contest. Other members had put together bags of candy, cookies and toys together with everyone washing hands and wearing gloves. We all worked to pass out things, make hot chocolate, or judged the costume contest, which were plentiful and creative.

At the event itself, everyone wore masks, even most of the littles. Social distancing was encouraged and hand sanitizer was plentiful.

In order for children to go trick-or-treating door-to-door, the Social Committee provided the CDC Halloween guidelines for everyone to know the levels of risk. The Committee also provided signs for neighbors to hang on their doors, windows, or mailboxes. The signs simply stated if it was fine to ring the doorbell, or for trick-or-treaters to just take a bag of candy that had been placed out.

Although it wasn’t what we would have liked it to be, it was still a fun evening. Seeing the smiles, and shyness, of the children when being given the candy and toys, and trying to win the costume contest, made for an enjoyable evening.

In walking around, and seeing the bins of candy collectors overflowing, it was also a successful evening out-and-about, and one our littles will remember a long time, or at least until tomorrow.

Hopefully we’ll be back to a traditional Halloween next year. But even if we aren’t, we’ll still make sure it is memorable regardless.

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!

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