So Mad I Could Scream, Cry, or Both

Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed. The trumpists went against their own norms set with Merrick Garland to confirm Barrett.

I’m feeling scared for the future of my daughter, my nieces, my sisters, my mother, and all of female family members and friends.

I’m feeling scared for myself, my husband, my family, my son, and all of my LGBTQ family and friends.

I’m feeling scared for all of those in my circle, and outside my circle, who are ill without insurance and those who have any pre-existing condition.

I’m feeling scared for my friends of faith who aren’t of the “right” Christian faith.

I’m feeling scared for our voting rights.

I’m feeling scared for the lives of my family and friends of color.

Please, if you have not voted, plan your vote, then vote.

At some point in your life, one of your friends or family will be a part of one of the above groups. Someone you love will have their very freedoms and rights suppressed, taken away, or ruled unconstitutional, leaving them to live in fear and a life of being treated as an other or less than.

Please vote to protect all of us! Please don’t let the following political commentary become even close to a reality.

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