When Will the Good Speak Out

Police officers are taking masks away from people handing them out to people waiting in line to vote. Police officers are shouting their support to the incumbent while on duty. Police officers are allowing voter intimidation to occur.

Is it possible all police think so little of the people they protect they will choose to not protect us? Is it possible all of them support the incumbent, even though he flouts and breaks norms, and laws consistently? Is it possible, should it come down to the domestic terrorist organizations creating actual chaos, mayhem, and violence they will step aside and allow it to happen?

I keep wondering when officers, and other law enforcement, who still care about those they protect will stand-up to those who don’t. I worry they will wait too long, and then it will be too late.

As we have seen reports and pictures here and there of officers, and others, flashing the white power symbol, I wonder how far white supremacists have infiltrated the police, our institutions, our military. I wonder how far the Republican Party itself has been infiltrated by white supremacists.

Both of these groups play the long game. Ever patient in reaching their goals of controlling our institutions, our judiciary, our legislative and executive branches. They’ve been waiting decades to reach this point. With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett this coming week, they will have reached the epitome of their goal, controlling the Supreme Court with an overwhelming majority. The trumplicans/Republicans are even willing to lose the Senate to reach this ultimate goal. She, and the other very young, conservative judges already confirmed on the federal judiciary will further their agenda for many more decades to come. If they lose the Senate and the House, and even state and local level seats, they will still have the courts.

Although they will have this control, eventually it will end. Some of their control can end on November 3, 2020. But only if we turn out in record numbers each and every day until then, then only if we fight to ensure all votes are counted. There should be no concessions until all votes are counted and all votes are verified through manual counts.

If you have not voted yet, make a plan, then follow the plan. We can only save our democracy if we vote, vote, vote blue up and down the ballot.

Please vote.

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