Prepare Thyself

A week from today will be the last day to cast your vote for the 2020 election cycle.

But we aren’t there yet. So I say, “Prepare thyself.”

Be prepared for a continuation of long lines between now and close of polls on Election Day. Bring a book, a bottle of water, snacks, a chair, and a buddy to hold your place in line when you have to run to the bathroom. Wear layers of clothing to keep warm or be able to cool off, and bring protection from rain or any other weather Mother Nature decides to deliver (remember it’s 2020, anything can happen).

Be prepared to have trumpist caravans of people driving by playing loud music, making loud noises, honking like crazy, circling polling places for long periods of time, trying to get you to leave because you can’t take it anymore. Bring headphones or ear buds, an extra power source, a good play list, and/or a cue of good movies or audio books.

Be prepared to have heavily armed, mainly white men and women, walking around polling places trying to intimidate and frighten you to leave without casting your vote. Call your local police to report voter intimidation or call the ACLU (800-687-8683).

Be prepared to have the National Guard patrolling select precincts, in what appears at the moment, to also be a tactic to scare people into not getting into line. Call the governors’ office of your state to lodge a complaint.

Be prepared for poll workers to say you aren’t registered, or your address doesn’t match their records. Have the ACLU phone number handy to help (800-687-8683). Have cued in your web browser. Don’t hesitate to contact either place if you need help to make sure you can vote, preferably not provisional as those aren’t always counted unless a recount is required.

Be prepared by continuing to ensure you are still showing as registered to vote at

Be prepared by ensuring your ride to the polls. If you need assistance with a ride to vote, contact

Be prepared to get your mail-in/absentee ballot turned in. DO NOT USE the Postal Service. It has been compromised and your ballot will most likely not arrive in time to be counted if you put it in the mail from here on out.

Be prepared for your drop box to be torched, which seems to be a thing now. Make sure you are tracking your ballot to ensure it has been processed. If it hasn’t arrived, call your local county election office to find out your next steps.

Be prepared in states with large LatinX voters to have ICE officials patrolling around trying to intimidate you. They may even ask you for your “papers.”

Be prepared to not know who has won national or local races until many days after Election Day to allow for all ballots to be counted. Do not become impatient for the results. Be ready to call your local attorney general to demand all votes be counted before certifying any winners.

Essentially, pretend to be a Girl or Boy Scout, be prepared for anything.

Please vote. Plan your vote, then show up and vote. It actually feels quite cathartic this year to do so.

We all need one another to vote to save us all and to save our great country.

I voted. Did you?

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