There’s Just Something About a Bookstore

The bookstore was one of my stops today while running errands. As you might imagine, with the pandemic, it had been a while since I’d been able to go to one. I’ve been wanting to stop using Amazon as much as I have been lately, especially after reading the owner has some dealings or affiliation with Q-Anon.

There is always a sense of awe walking into a bookstore. All that knowledge and stories in one place. The smell of paper and ink is an interesting one. Knowing I could read every day, all day, and still never get through all of the ones I feel are worth reading.

Even when I have just one book in mind to purchase, I always have to walk around just to see what might be interesting. Although you really can’t judge a book by its cover, it is the cover that will catch ones eye. Today I bought two books for me and one for my daughter, who had accompanied me.

Over the years I’ve spent many hours in bookstores all over the world, just browsing. Opening a book here and there. Admiring the architecture, the ambiance, the people. Sitting in a comfy chair reading in some of them. Buying more books than I probably should have, but treasuring each and every one.

I am also a big fan of e-books. It just feels good to carry around my library in my pocket, available wherever I may have a moment. A book at the ready.

Although I do like my e-books, I still like the feel and thrill of holding a book, turning the page, then sometimes passing it along to someone else to enjoy.

If you haven’t been in a bookstore in a while, put it on your list for the next stop. Try to support your local Indie bookstore whenever you can. It helps them stay in business, keeps the money and jobs local, and it brings a little joy knowing doing so helps one’s hometown.

Happy reading!

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