Such Mixed Emotions

What a day, eh?

First we find out a key White House staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

Then we find out the incumbent tested positive, followed shortly that his wife also had tested positive.

Throughout the day, we heard a smattering here and there of who had or hadn’t tested positive (thankfully the Biden are negative at this time).

Also we heard conflicting statements of how bad the incumbent has it. First a mild case, then he’s off to Walter Reed.

Lots of talk about the succession to the office of the Presidency. Will the Vice President get it? What about the Speaker of the House?

I truly do not wish illness on anyone, no matter how horrible of a person one may be. And, there is some satisfaction in the proof COVID-19 is not a hoax, that he will feel firsthand how the many millions of people have felt knowing they are positive, worrying about what they and their families would do if any required hospitalization, or passed away. I do pray both he and his wife’s recover with no ill effects, just as I do for every other person in the world who has had to deal with this virus.

I’m having mixed emotions about Biden pulling his ads off the airwaves. It is the noble thing to do in this instance, but I’m not sure I want a knight in shining armor right now, I think I’d prefer more of a Dothraki warrior because of what is at stake in this election. If the other side were taking down their ads, I might feel better, but that is not the case.

Hopefully Don Winslow, MeidasTouch, Lincoln Project, 11th Hour Films, and the many other organizations fighting tyranny, autocracy, and authoritarian rule, will continue to run their ads as the campaigns are still in motion.

The election will happen regardless of the incumbent’s health on Election Day.

Wish him and his wife, and those around him, a full recovery as good people do.

Then, make sure you get out and vote as a good patriot does.

Help him, and his sycophants, move towards a full recovery by taking the burden of the highest office in the land of all of their shoulders, and send him to his own home in Florida to recuperate and prepare for his trial(s), along with all those who have enabled him over the past four years.

Sending my thoughts and prayers even as I plan my vote.

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