A “Celeste” Moment

For those of you who are Sally Fields fans, you would have seen her film, Soapdish. She plays an actress, who every once in a while, when she is feeling unloved and down, goes to the mall to be “recognized” and then adored and fawned over by her fans.

Today, the incumbent went out for his Celeste moment. He had to be close enough to hear his adoring fans fawning all over him. Although he has been hospitalized for COVID-19, his wife has it, and many of his inner circle are positive, he just had to go around the block that one time.

Unlike Celeste, his ego boost was done at great risk to medical personnel, his staff, and Secret Service officers. The sad thing is, I’m fairly certain he didn’t give a second thought to the fact he may be exposing these civil servants to a disease that may make the very sick, possibly even die, leaving family and friends to suffer and mourn their loss. After all, they serve at his pleasure.

To me, this stunt, this Sunday drive around the block, was all about raw power. It was a signal letting his staff know, the hospital staff know, and all of his cultish followers know, he is the man. He’s in charge. Whatever he tells them to do, they have to do because he’s all powerful.

Unfortunately, they all do whatever he commands. No one resigns on the spot to maintain their dignity, their grace, their life! They do it, which reinforces the incumbent’s illusion he is all powerful.

With everyone bowing down to him, kowtowing to him, fulfilling his every wish, at some point he will be all powerful. Then we will all be in trouble, we will all then be his pawns, and heaven help us all should that ever happen.

If there is anyone of character left in the White House, on his staff, or a civil servant serving the Office of the President, who still truly respects the Office of the President, then please, please resign. Resign on the spot, walk out to the press, then tell your story. We, the people, will admire and respect you for doing so.

Choose our Country over this man. Choose our Freedoms over this man. Choose our Democratic Republic over this man.

Honor thyself by resigning and then telling your story, your truth.

Help save yourself!

Help save us!


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