Debate Night

84 million people tuned in to the first debate between the current man in the Oval Office and Hillary Clinton. How many do you think will tune in this evening?

I predict, based on nothing at all, it will either be a greater audience than 2016, or it will be a bust.

It might be a boom because more people seem to be engaged and enraged for this election cycle. We know this because there have been almost a million votes cast already. This is compared to about 10,000 at this time in 2016. This is what voter enthusiasm looks like! There is actually a prediction 150 million people will vote this year, the highest since 1908.

It may also be a bust. There are many of us who find it hard to watch the incumbent. His lies, bullying nature, affect, and tone just turn us off. I anticipate the incumbent will be more of himself tonight than ever since polls (if we can believe them), show he is behind nationally and in key battleground states.

All I know is although I did make the decision to skip the incumbent’s convention, if one can call it such, I will watch the debates.

My personal hope is the debate will be widely watched, maybe even breaking viewing records. I want as many people as possible to see the distinction between the two candidates (see yesterday’s post describing how I hope Biden performs this evening).

I’m ready. I have my watching buddies on speed text. My Twitter feed is ready to go. My fingers are limber. Nights like these, debates or returns, are so much fun.

Get your favorite beverage and your bingo card, decide which channel on which you will watch the debate, and be sure to use the bathroom before it begins.

See you on Twitter!

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