How Can Anyone Be Undecided

In reading social media last night and throughout the day, I am not alone in wondering what have we sunk to after watching the rude, obnoxious, immature, and bullying behavior by the incumbent last night. After only 10-minutes, I, and several in my various texting groups, were ready to throw in the towel as the debate was that uncomfortable to watch.

We did stick it out.

It will take a long time to get over how angry, scared, frustrated, but mostly extremely disappointed I felt at the end.

At the loss to our country when the man in the highest office of the land can’t control himself, feels it is okay to interrupt and talk over others, tells lie after lie after lie, and utterly and completely is a failure when it comes to denouncing white supremacy.

In fact, he tells white supremacists to stand back, stand by.

Stand by! These were the most frightening words uttered last night. He was telling his SS, his brown shirts, to stand by. Stand by for your next command, and now we must wonder what that command will be.

If any person, after all the incumbent has said and done as a candidate, and as the head of our country, and after the debacle of his performance at the debate, states they are undecided, how can that be? It is inconceivable to be undecided at this time.

I’m sorry, if one is undecided after 1,349 days of this administration, and all the breaking of norms, protocols, common decency, and laws, that can only mean the undecideds intend to vote for the incumbent, but don’t want to say it out loud.

If someone doesn’t want to share for whom they intend to vote, I fully and utterly respect that decision. A decision has been made and hopefully that person has done their homework and is making an informed decision (which I actually hope all voters are doing).

But, to be undecided, how is that even possible?

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