The First Debate is Upon Us

Is anyone else immensely curious and anxious about the first debate between the two candidates for president?

I keep wondering how Joe Biden has been preparing. The other candidate has already said he isn’t prepping or practicing, his press conferences have prepared him for debating.

My hope is Joe Biden prep and practice has included a man bigger than him looming over him in the background. Hopefully someone has been hurtling childish insults at Joe? There better have been someone slinging accusations about his sons since I wouldn’t rule out something being said about Joe’s deceased son? They better have thrown in making fun of Jill? Most importantly, they better have practiced over and over how to handle the most outlandish, and the most believable lies the other candidate might spout as truth?

The main thing, in my mind, for Biden to win the debate is to keep his cool throughout the entire time they are together on the stage. If he can keep his cool, state to us why he should be president, what he will do for the 99%, his first 100 days plan, and turn lies from the other candidate into the facts in a way people watching will see through the lies, and absorb the truth.

Biden also has to be able to answer the questions and ignore his opponent trying to own the stage in the bullying manner always present.

Should Biden lose his temper and attack his opponent, he will have lost the debate.

Biden needs to be cogent, calm, passionate when appropriate, even angry if it helps get his point across without putting down his opponent, and hammer home each and every time what he will do for the electorate. If Biden can do this, he will win.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to seeing how a debate in a pandemic will work, as well as looking forward to how each presents themselves, and the poll numbers over the next couple of days.

Please, Vice President Biden, show us you are not your opponent and bring your best presidential demeanor. We need it more than you may realize.

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