At a Loss for Words

As the news is coming out about a doctor who performed hysterectomies on women, under the care of ICE, in bad faith, I am at a loss for words, and a loss of how I should feel. Should it be outrage, shock, sadness, embarrassment, disbelief? Maybe it is all of these and more that just can’t be described in words, as there are no words.

I’m at a loss of words and ways to describe the path our country has taken so quickly and so deeply. That we are following the path the Nazis took in the 1930’s, when Hitler came into power through the voting process.

The Nazis separated families, sending women and children in one direction, men in another, where they were either sent to the gas chambers if they weren’t of value as workers or to be used for science experiments.

The Nazis conducted medical procedures on people without their permission.

The Nazis believed any non-white person was of lesser value than a blond good German. Thought of them as animals, pedophiles, drinkers of children’s blood, working in the shadows to bring down the good Germans.

The Nazis persecuted the whole of a people solely based on the religious practice of this group of people.

The Nazis called those reporting what they were doing enemies of the people and worked to suppress, or call-out as lies, the truth of what was being reported.

The Nazis enticed and goaded, mainly men of a certain age, into violent behavior through propaganda, then blamed the destruction on certain groups of people already being cast as “the other.”

The Nazis worked to seize control of their version of Congress, then began to give up the power of the Congress, and moved the power to Hitler, thinking they could control him.

History shows us the takeover by a dictator, a tyrant, an authoritarian, is not instantaneous through one major event. It is a death by a thousand cuts that are not treated or stopped before noticing it is too late and the country you know has died.

We are in the midst of death by a thousand cuts and the trumpists don’t seem to notice, or possibly don’t mind, that our great country is slowly, or not so slowly anymore, dying.

However, and it is a big however, we do have the chance to stop the cutting, bind our wounds, and begin the healing process. It all depends on us voters.

If we care about holding on to democracy, our Republic, our freedoms, we will vote in whatever manner is best for each of us. We must show up and we must show up in overwhelming numbers so there can be no dispute of the winner.

Join me in putting a stop to the madness we seem to be living in, and exercise the greatest right bestowed to anyone in a free society.


2 thoughts on “At a Loss for Words

  1. Incredibly well written, Frank, and perfectly summarizes how most of the nation feels, but can’t put into words. I do have a deepening concern with his most recent words that he will not go quietly, and instead blame our system for his failure. This chaos, this fostered hatred, this division, propagation of blatant racism, and destruction to our beautiful nation must stop. Thank you so much for your insight 😊

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