When Did We Become a “Herd?”

Herd immunity is a term we keep hearing in the news of late. I keep wondering why it is called herd immunity. Are we now cattle?

This evening as the news was talking about herd immunity it dawned on me why this term might becoming part of the vernacular. This administration believes us to be animals. If we are thought of as animals and not human beings, then what this administration plans as the way to combat Covid-19 becomes more clear.

To possibly, as it is still just a theory, achieve this herd immunity, over 215,000,000 people in the United States would have to get sick with Covid-19 with most surviving. Then maybe, just maybe, those who have had it would become immune to a second infection. Unfortunately, the flaw is, it isn’t known if we humans become immune forever after being infected. It is possible 215,000,000 would get it with most surviving without any ill effects and then become infected again sometime later, thus starting the cycle over.

Now, not every human will survive, and with the current death percentage just shy of 3%, that would equate to about 6,000,000 dead animals as the cost of an unknown theory of herd immunity. Remember herd immunity is about us being seen as animals, not humans.

No one thinks much about 6,000,000 dead animals. We can kill a herd of cows in nothing flat. Or a herd of goats, or sheep, or bison. The word herd has a certain connotation. Words have meanings and this administration is excellent at propaganda word smithing.

If our brains don’t quite make the connection right away that in speaking about herd immunity as hundreds of millions of humans getting sick and many millions not surviving Covid-19, then it becomes more palatable as a plan.

Let’s become very focused at listening to the language being used by trumpists and this administration.

Let’s work together to ensure we don’t de-humanize what is essentially a large scale genocide.

Let’s commit to not allowing the death of 6,000,000 human lives become casualties of an unproven scientific theory because one of those 6,000,000 human lives might just be one, or more, of your loved ones, which I wish upon no one as I hope you wouldn’t either.

Wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance. Those are the best ways, outside of a viable scientifically proven vaccine endorsed by Dr. Fauci. Just do it!

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