When Can Gardening Begin?

It’s March and I want to get my garden started!

But, unfortunately, there is a glitch.

We have an issue with our backyard. Last year when Pulte did the final grade of our backyard, they didn’t grade it correctly. Because of this issue, we have a swamp in part of our yard. Water runs to the front of our yard rather than running towards the easement and drainage area.

Since it has been so wet, Pulte has not been able to come and make the fix. In fact, it has been so wet lately even we can’t walk in the backyard without sinking into the mud. Our poor dog, a real princess, often does not want to go traipsing on it to use the bathroom.

As luck would have it, the best place for me to do my raised gardens this year is right in the line of the work. Which means, until Pulte can come correct the grade, I’m in a holding pattern.

I had thought about having the gardens on the other side of the yard for this year. However, it has been a major challenge, still in process, to get grass going in the back. It doesn’t make sense to kill what little grass we have on the right side when the garden would be moved to the left side next year.

So, everyday I ask myself, when can gardening begin? It may be a no garden again year if weather doesn’t cooperate to get the heavy machinery in. On the bright side, I do have some pots I could grow some herbs in. I can also get some tomato plants in big planters from, of all places, Costco.

Somehow, I’ll make it work. Fresh vegetables, here you come.

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