An Evening of Mixed Emotions

Watching the primary returns this evening has been a bag of mixed emotions.

Sad because Pete Buttigieg wasn’t a part of the excitement.

Happy that Amy Klobuchar had suspended her candidacy.

Frustrated that so many people voting today had unnecessary long waits due to the lack of enough voting machines or precincts for the number of people who are voting, especially in areas of mostly people of color.

Scared the Trumpists will see the number of people of color voting this evening for Joe Biden and are probably already on the phone making plans to suppress votes in November.

Anxious that lawyers are not fully prepared to take attorney generals to court to address the lack of voting machines and closing of precincts where mainly people of color vote.

Curious as to how Mike Bloomberg will react to the results of today’s vote. Will he stay in? If not, whom will he throw his money behind?

Elated there seems to be record numbers of people turning out for primaries in at least a couple of states, especially VA.

Thoughtful as I reflect on whom to donate to this month—usual are Sara Gideon-ME to defeat Susan Collins, Amy McGrath-KY to defeat Mitch McConnell, Jaime Harrison-SC to defeat Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Warren-Presidential to defeat 45; new-Mark Kelly-AZ to defeat Sarah McSally, Tedra Cobb-NY to defeat Elise Stefanik. Do I now add Cal Cunningham-NC to defeat Thom Tillis?

Hopeful the increase in turnout will coalesce into another blue wave to take back the Senate, hold the House, and return to the White House.

Thankful for the number of people of color making their voices heard (even though I wish it had been for Mayor Pete).

Angry at how shut out Elizabeth Warren has been by the media, the pundits, and the very people who support her, but whom voted for someone else because they don’t think she could win—making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How did you fare this primary evening?

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