Obama Got Game! And I Think He Bet on the “Wrong” Horse

What a whirlwind of politics! Can a person even keep up?

Obama appears to have really been making the weekend calls and I wish he hadn’t.

He and Jimmy give Pete a talking to, and Pete is out and endorsing Biden. Obama gives Amy a talking to, and she is out and endorsing Biden. Obama probably called Beto and now Beto is endorsing Biden. In this, Mike having so much money means he doesn’t have to take Obama’s call right now.

Did Obama not call Elizabeth? If he did, did she say to him she is her own woman and will persist? I hope this is the case.

Did Obama call Tulsi? Or did he write her off as the Russian/Trumpian asset she is?

The Democratic Leadership, as always, are circling their wagons around the person they feel the next turn belongs to. It’s not about whose turn it is, it’s about letting us vote for the choice we want.

Just once, I would have liked the Leadership to set-up the rules and then keep them for the entire cycle.

Just once, I’d like Democratic Leadership to give money equally to all candidates, promote each candidate equally, and let us make the choice during the primary.

Just once, it would be nice to not have to worry about the Superdelegates tipping the scale. I mean, really, why do some people believe they should have two votes rather than one like the rest of us, and why do the Democrats believe that too.

Just once, it would have been nice to not have to choose from two old white men in a party as diverse as the Democratic Party.

I just don’t know where to go with my single vote. Do you?

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