Dear Senator Klobuchar…

Dear Senator Klobuchar,

Please take a moment of reflection, humility, and a pragmatic lens as you read my words.

I am writing to plea with you, nay beg of you, to suspend your presidential aspirations for 2020. At this point, if your aides, confidants and staff haven’t told you there is no way to reach the White House, they aren’t doing their jobs.

At this time, there is no way for you to become president. You haven’t won any of the three primaries to-date, you haven’t even come in second place. Your campaign funding is beginning to run on fumes even with the influx of donations after the New Hampshire debate. You don’t have, nor do so many of us, the charisma necessary to draw people towards you.

As a voter, I still don’t know what you stand for or why you want to be president. I know what Senator Sanders stands for and why he wants to be president, I know what Senator Warren stands for and why she wants to be president. I know what Mayor Buttigieg stands for and why he wants to be president.

I don’t know what you stand for. And that, Senator, is a problem after all these many months of campaigning.

One thing you say that does stand out to me is you often say you’ve not lost any race for which you have been a candidate. This will be your first time. It is past time to look in the mirror and accept this fact. I know it is hard to fail at something one thinks they will excel at being. I know it is hard to accept defeat. I know it is hard to admit it just isn’t working.

This is not about you being a woman candidate as I don’t believe Senator Warren should suspend her campaign at this time. It is about you and your campaign.

If you truly love this country, if you truly want to see Trump defeated, if you truly want to do what is best for us, not what is best for you and your ego, then step down, and step down before the South Carolina primary.

I honor your service to the country. I honor the grit you have shown as a candidate. I honor that you gave it your all.

Now please honor us by suspending your campaign now, today, this very moment, and endorse another candidate, such as Senator Warren or Mayor Buttigieg.

Please Senator, please.

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