Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I keep hearing on TV you seem to be what we call filthy rich where I grew up. I keep hearing you spent over $500,000,000 on ads to promote your run for president. I keep hearing you will spend some of your billions of dollars to help the Democratic nominee for president (and hopefully for down ballot candidates as well), to help him/her beat 45.

I keep hearing those things, then seeing you don’t do well in debates (but much improvement from the first to the second!), plus I know you decided to skip the first four primaries.

With all of the above, I’ve been wondering, as you see how Biden and Sanders are doing, what you truly think your chances are to become president? As I see it, based on polls (and yes I understand they can be skewed based on who answers), you are not polling number one anywhere, and not even in the top two in most upcoming state primaries!

So, Mayor Bloomberg, what makes you think you can be elected President? Tom Steyer just saw the writing on the wall and he spent a lot of his money too, but not as much as you have, to try and become the nominee with no return on investment. I predict there will be an even lower return on your investment with the amount you have spent—kudos though for your ads as they are the bomb!

I would like to offer you an alternative, a better plan to get more bang for your buck.

Since there is no real path for you to become the Democratic nominee, even on a second round of voting at the Convention, I ask you to make a good, logical business decision and suspend your campaign. Since your goal has been to ensure Senator Sanders is not the nominee, and I’m sorry, Vice President Biden is also not a great candidate for the Party, endorse another candidate. Endorse another candidate, then keep doing what your team is been great at doing, which is producing great political ads.

Senator Warren would make a great candidate. She is smart, she is persistent, she is tireless and she is relentless in pursuing what is right for most Americans. Your assistance would be a great help to her, if she is smart enough to accept it.

However, as much as I believe Senator Warren would make a great president, I think Mayor Pete would be even better.

Yes, Mayor Pete is young and has little experience on the national level. However, to me, his youth is a plus because he will bring new energy to the Democratic Party. He also is smart, has great plans, and seems to really care about people. In that he reminds me of President Clinton who was a pretty good President. His lack of experience reminds me of President Obama who was also a pretty good President.

With your endorsement, your funds and your ground work, Mayor Pete would have a much better chance of winning the nomination over Senator Sanders and Vice President Biden. For being a first-timer on the national stage, Mayor Pete is holding his own overall.

The bottom line is, Mayor Pete would be great for the country, He would help with down ballot candidates and sincerely appears to want to restore a trust in government and our standing in the world. I urge you to suspend your campaign, then immediately endorse Mayor Pete, then help to get ads about Mayor Pete on the airwaves via a SuperPAC.

As some icing, since you do have more money apparently than God, buy a controlling interest of Fox News and a majority interest in Twitter. Fox News for the obvious of changing the tenure of the programming to providing actual facts; Twitter to help maintain, and enhance, its standing on truth in tweets.

All of these things are within your ability to help save the Country. Create a great legacy and history for yourself with your monetary contributions. Be the man behind the man (or woman if you decide to endorse Senator Warren).

As I said in my letter to Senator Klobuchar, and now to you, as it is applicable to you as well:

If you truly love this country, if you truly want to see Trump defeated, if you truly want to do what is best for us, not what is best for you and your ego, then step down, and step down before Super Tuesday.

Please Mayor, please.

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