Coronavirus! Prepared?

I’ll be honest. I don’t get a flu shot. The one time I did, I got the worst case of flu I’d ever had. My body seems to think if I get a shot, I should get sick. Shot for mumps, got the mumps. Shot for measles, got the measles. So I don’t tempt fate with the flu shot, and I rarely get the flu, but you should do what is best for you.

Everyday we hear more and more about the increase in people contracting the Coronavirus. We now are hearing of an increase in people dying from it. Along with all of that, we now hear of people getting it for no apparent reason as how they contracted it hasn’t been traceable.

Will this be the flu that does us in as Steven King described in The Stand? If so, we are kind of screwed!

With the above reports coming out about other countries around the world, and the drastic measures being taken to prevent/limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we have 45 coming out to tell us it will be zero cases shortly in the U.S. and a vaccine is essentially imminent.

We also have the likes of Laura Ingraham saying Democrats are rooting for pain and suffering in discussing the Coronavirus, Rush Limbaugh says Coronavirus is an anti-45 conspiracy and is the common cold, a whistleblower who reported how poorly health officials were trained or didn’t use appropriate protocol who came in contact with people with the Coronavirus is being threatened with losing her job, and the State Department overruled the CDC in letting Americans off of a cruise ship and brought them all home together when 14 of them had tested positive for the Coronavirus, and the governor of California saying they are watching 8,400 people for possible Coronavirus. With all of this, we are being told by 45 and his staff, don’t worry, it’s nothing!

I’ve begun wondering if my family should start stocking up on food and water. Should we have an emergency kit of some sort. What symptoms should we watch for and at what point do we seek medical care? Will there be enough test kits to go around and will the government withhold their use? Will this affect my job or my husband’s job? Will schools shut-down and if so, what do I do with my kids? Will this be the thing 45 uses to call a national emergency and take my, all of our, rights away? What plan does my governor have to handle this potential crisis?

On the flip side, the best advice, from what I’ve read, and what reputable medical personnel are saying, is to do the following: wash hands often and properly (20-seconds with soap making sure to hit all fingers and thumbs; if sick, stay home; don’t shake hands; keeps unwashed hands away from one’s mouth, eyes and nose; don’t come in contact with those whom are sick; cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue and immediately throw into trash (or as we teach in school, cough or sneeze into your elbow); clean and disinfect often.

What about you? Are you worried?

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