Today on my walkabout, a much warmer walkabout, my mind drifted to the events of the past year. And there were a lot of them.

Last year at this time, no one I believe, could have predicted where I, and my family, would be at this time this year. There were things we were thinking about, short-term and long-term, but nothing to the extent that has happened.

Over the past year, I came to know that something had to change or I would have probably had a nervous breakdown. Thank goodness my husband listened, believed me and believed in me, to get to where we are now.

We moved up a time table to make a move from Albuquerque, thus ending a dream of living closer to the Papa’s and growing old together.

I knew in my heart of hearts it was time to leave the classroom, but didn’t know how and was quite scared that I wouldn’t be able to do anything else except be in a school (almost 20 years in a school building is a long time).

We had to ask one of our children to move out due to not respecting our wishes and parameters to live at home after turning 18. Then had to deal with the immaturity exhibited based on the reaction to our decision of our child.

Our family was split up into two cities, half in Albuquerque, half in Avon. In doing so, we had to rely for a time on just my husband’s income and our savings, while maintaining two households. I think the worry of this alone pushed my hair from salt and pepper to just plain white.

Accepting my goal of being a principal again, along with the increase in salary, was not going to happen. Then went into a school setting that was unhealthy for students and staff alike before going into a school as a Technology Instructional Assistant (a much better school and much healthier environment over all; I very much enjoyed my time there, just was not a sustainable salary). Finally winding up working for the Indiana Department of Education, which I am finding both challenging and rewarding as I settle in. Thank goodness my husband kept me grounded and kept his encouragement in saying the right job would come along, just be patient.

We decided to build a home, making it a dream home after deciding for sure this was a permanent move and not a transitional move until our youngest graduated. Doing this via phone, e-mail, FaceTime and a few visits from Albuquerque to make sure my husband and I were in sync with what we wanted, then ensuring it did.

I then had to adjust to single-parenting, as did my husband, due to the temporary dual households, dealing with teenage angst and emotional residue from their past (fun…not!). This meant I had to become a little more outgoing in supporting the two with me in their involvement in band and other school supports, along with finding a way to handle doctor, dental, counselors and other appointments.

Well, I think you get the gist.

All of this was flowing through my thoughts this morning. Although it has been a trying year in many ways, it also has been a good year. Part of the good was knowing each day passing was another day closer to my husband and son joining us in Avon. I feel blessed everyday that my husband and I have a strong relationship that has weathered this separation well. It has shown us how much we depend on one another, brought us closer, and continue to know we are meant to be together.

Now an abrupt switch in topics. Here are my photos from today. In many ways it feel the photos reflect my thoughts, mingling objects from the past, the present and some that appear futuristic, along with a few that make what one would think impossible, possible. Just like life.

Enjoy and let me know if any strike your fancy.

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