Always Look Up, and to the Side

Yesterday was a busy day of sightseeing. We made it to the new Hudson Yards shopping mall, touched Madison Square Gardens, climbed to the top of the Vessel, marveled at the engineering of The Shed, saw Macy’s, ate at Keen’s Steakhouse (opened in 1885 and still in the same location), and saw Come From Away (a must see!), and had champagne back at the hotel.

This morning during my walkabout, I was people watching as well as looking for potential photographs to take. Everyone seemed to be either staring straight ahead or looking at the ground.

When one is doing that, especially in a large city, one can miss the uniqueness and the outlandishness of a place. On the flip side, when looking up and to the side, one also gets to see the sadness of some things as well.

While walking and looking look and the side, I saw these unique and outlandish things (photographs follow):

  • A giant button with a needle through it,
  • A child sitting in a nest with wings holding a bear/doll,
  • An ornate old analog clock,
  • A Game of Thrones countdown clock and costumes,
  • The craftsmanship of those constructing older buildings, and
  • A hair salon billboard with the faces being skeletons with hair.

Had I not been looking up and to the side, I would not have had the joyful experience that comes with seeing something out-of-the-ordinary.

As in life, remember to look up and to the side so you can enjoy what you may never get to see again.

Here are pictures from this morning’s walkabout and a few from our travels yesterday.

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