Hello New York!

I am in New York City with my husband and the Papas. It is our annual trip to the Big Apple for Broadway, good food, sightseeing, and of course, great conversation.

As is tradition, I began my early morning walkabouts to see what I might photograph and reflect upon for the year.

The main thing on my mind this morning was, “Will I ever come to the City in the summer time?” It was a bit brisk outside this morning. So much so, my eyes were watering. The cold wasn’t the issue, it was the wind, which picked up as the sun rose higher into the sky.

Regardless, I decided to start my morning walks with a trip to Central Park. I always seem to start there on these walkabouts, so why stop now.

Here are some of the scenes I thought were interesting this morning (one picture is for my friend Karen, who loves squirrels for some reason—here’s a NYC squirrel just for you).

I hope you find one or two shots interesting too.

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