National Emergency!

I don’t know about all of you, but I actually am feeling less safe after the White House called a National Emergency.

People crossing the border have never worried me. I’ve not worried about anyone from another country taking my job. Hearing languages other than English has not frightened me. Frankly, I didn’t think much about it in terms of safety.

However, now we have a National Emergency. That frightens me and it’s not because of the people being vilified by the White House.

It’s because it came from the White House.

It’s because few, if any, Republicans have condemned the action.

It’s because the few Republicans who have voiced concern about this action won’t actually vote against the National Emergency, letting it be as they have on so many other issues.

It’s because conservative personalities are touting this as necessary.

It’s because I don’t think the Supreme Court will take into consideration the White House comments this was called to expedite the wall and the White House didn’t have to do call for an Emergency right now, then goes off to golf and relax since it is all a propagandic hoax. The conservative Justices will let it slide as if the words were never uttered in the same way they were about the immigration ban.

I fear because those in power, mainly on the conservative side are more concerned with power, absolute power, they will allow our country to slide into the abyss to maintain power.

That’s what I fear. What about you?

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