Potholes vs Taxes

‘Tis the season for potholes.

It snows, it rains, it freezes. Snow plows grade the roads while throwing salt down. All ingredients for the piecemeal pothole repairs to pop out and just normal weather wear and tear.

‘Tis this season too for the complaining about the potholes.

Why aren’t they being fixed faster? Have you seen the one you can lose you car in on “fill in your street,” why don’t they just re-pave like it’s needed?

All valid questions and it comes down to one thing…


That dreaded word that sends conservatives into a tizzy and liberals saying we need to tax the rich more.

I’m on the side of more taxes on the rich, and yes, on gas as well. In my opinion, we all need to pay a share on the upkeep of our beautiful country and our hometowns.

As a side note, schools, police, firemen, libraries, community colleges, and many public works also need funding.

The very rich, re billionaires, should pay the most just as millionaires should pay more than blue collar jobs. We all benefit from public services and public works.

So, if you are a taxes are too high, and you aren’t a millionaire or billionaire, then support Democrats so we can have fewer potholes and higher quality public works/service, with lower taxes on most of us (face it, the vast majority of us like to believe we will earn a millionaire or more a year, but it just isn’t going to happen for the vast majority of us—that’s just life).

Will there be tax waste? Yes! Do I personally like that? No! But that too is life, get over it.

I want fewer potholes myself. If you are with me, then vote Democrat. If you want to keep getting fleeced by the rich, vote Republican.

It’s a free country. Make a choice. Just remember, there are consequences for your votes.

If you need a reminder of that fact, look no farther than the current White House.

Make a wise and informed choice please.

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