How Deep Does It Go?

The following are just my musings and wonderings. They have no basis of fact whatsoever.

Ever since the Republicans and Republican leadership started to back this administration, at all seemingly costs, I’ve had several burning questions running through my mind.

How deep does the corruption and greed go?

What does Putin have on this administration , or what has been offered to the first family they just couldn’t say no to receiving?

What dirt does this administration have on the Republican leadership to cause them to allow the White House to usurp their authority?

What dirt or offer has been given to the Republican leadership by Putin and/or other Russian oligarchs (or Saudi royalty)?

How deep are the Russian pockets and how much have the Republicans illegally accepted to keep them on this course?

Why do the Republicans in the House and the Senate live in such fear of this White House?

In the end, will this be so much worse than Watergate?

And, the biggest question is, will we, the general public, ever truly know?

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