Beto/Stacey: Dream Team for 2020

If I knew them personally, I’d beg Beto and Stacey to get in the race together as a team from the get go.

This would be a ticket to bring the many communities together the Democrats will need to win back the presidency.

They know how to energize young folks, people of color, progressives and independents. I believe they would not fall for the traps of a Trump re-election campaign. Both of them came extremely close to beating name brand politicians in 2018. And I believe they will fight to end voter suppression across the nation so all votes will truly count.

I also believe this is a way to finally help to truly pave the way for the first woman president. This is not going to sound politically correct, for which I apologize in advance, but to first have a female Vice President will be a way for the nation to see a woman more than capable to be in this high position of power.

It is high time we had a female President. I’d say far past time.

The reality, although things are changing, is we are still a patriarchal society, which since we’ve not had a female President yet, means women are voting against it too as they are a majority of the electorate (and I know many women who do believe a woman should never be the President).

I believe we need a female Vice President first based on a quote regarding Roe v Wade from Notorious RBG: “RBG’s go-slow policy, which she believed was the only way to change minds.”

Even being a progressive, I do believe we often charge full steam ahead to help create balance and equity, things that are needed, at the expense of prudence.

On this aspect of politics, in my humble opinion, we should go slow to go fast. And we should go slow to go fast to shift mindsets for the better.

Once progressives, liberals and Democrats get the podium back, we can begin again to make our country better. Because if we don’t win, everyone loses and we will only have ourselves to blame. If we don’t win, we have no power to create and effect change.

Please, let’s not do anything to jeopardize our chances. This 2020 election is bigger than even the 2016 election.

Let’s go slow to go fast.

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