Democrat Top 10

The next congressional election is just a few short days away. Our future as a country and how we not only see ourselves, but how we are truly, will be on full display for the world.

The Democrats need a unifying message with which all of us can hear and resonate—a unifying message has always eluded the Democrats, and has often helped the Republicans win. We can’t use Contract with America because that’s been done already. Democrat Promissory to the Electorate doesn’t quite roll of the tongue. Our First 100 Days was already taken. Democrat Top 10 feels like something we could all remember, unify around, and give us something for which to vote.

So Democrat campaigns, if you ever see this, feel free to use it.

Democrat Top 10

We promise to introduce, and pass, if given majorities in Congress, the following legislation within the first month of our term:

  1. Single payer healthcare for all to include coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  2. Raise the national minimum wage to $15.
  3. Provide free tuition at any state college.
  4. Eliminate cap on taxable earnings for Social Security.
  5. Tax all personal income, regardless of source, over $10,000,000 at 50%.
  6. Federal infrastructure improvement funding.
  7. Protect DACA.
  8. Make all gun buyers pass a thorough background check to purchase a firearm of any sort and at any venue, along with banning military grade firearms for personal use.
  9. All citizens are automatically registered to vote at the age of 18 when registering with Selective Services.
  10. . Improve and provide updated safety measures to protect our vote.

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