Are You Serena or Moira for this Election?

The past few weeks I’ve been binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale after starting it a while ago. The book has always haunted me, the series even more so. Seeing the story played out with real people is extremely disconcerting.

While watching, especially the second season, I kept wondering how many people will be Serena at the polls and how many will be Moira?

If you see all that is happening around you, know that things have gone sour, even when negative things are happening to you, but are too proud to admit it, then you are a Serena. In the end you may the architect of your own undoing.

If you see all that is happening around you, have experienced and acknowledged things have gone sour, have had negative things happen to you, but are woke enough to see and and to take action against it, then you are a Moira.

My hope is there are more Moira’s that get out and vote then Serena’s.

Will you be a Moira to help the wrongs that have been wrought against the American people and the people of the world?

And in the end, yourself.

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