It is now Justice Kavanaugh

I am not happy that Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh.

My opinion has not changed in that I don’t believe he has the temperament nor the neutrality a Supreme Court Justice must have to serve well.

However, I was wondering this afternoon after hearing something on the radio. I wonder if he might become a better and different Justice because of his confirmation hearings.

His outburst about the Clinton’s, his treatment of female Senators, his over emotionality, are all things we wouldn’t want in any man of power, let alone a Justice.

The question in my mind is, because he will be under a higher scrutiny for the entirety of his term, whether it be three months or 40 years, the cloud he cast upon himself by his action will be over him. There will be no real way to get out from under it, except to prove his critics wrong not just in the near term, but in the long term as well.

Will he actually become a true replacement for Justice Kennedy, a Justice who was a swing vote on extremely important matters, such as same sex marriage and abortion control?

Will he truly be able to be impartial and create a legacy he can be proud of, not one in which it has been written he will always vote with the conservative side of the Supreme Court?

Will he be able to stand up to the current Executive and Legislative Branches of government when what they do is constitutionally wrong as seen through the lens of modern day life?

Or, will he live up to his newfound reputation of extreme bias, demeaning to women, being an angry white man?

It really is up to him to help us see him as true Justice in the tradition of a Justice, or an interloper with a taint upon his name because nothing truly was proven, or disproven, about his youthful indiscretions with alcohol and the accusations of sexual assault upon several women.

Let’s see if he truly is as a moral and ethical man, and not the lackey of the man in the Oval Office.

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