Walkabouts and Photography

Whenever I visit someplace, I try to do at least one walkabout. On these walkabouts, I’m usually taking photographs of the places and thinking.

Here in New York this week, I’ve been able to do a walkabout everyday so far. I’ve been around Rockefeller Center, around our hotel at 54th & 7th, and Times Square.

The thinking has been centered mostly on where I am in life, my career and my next path. There have also been no shortage of things to photograph. And, I found too, the things I photograph are similar to photographer Stephen Shore. Mr. Shore is someone I’d never heard of until today where I discovered him by accident at a MoMA exhibition. He seems to like to take pictures of everyday kinds of things and some quirky subjects as well.

Here are a couple of photographs from his website:

Here are a couple of my photographs in a similar vein:

After seeing the exhibit today, I’ve been wondering, since he has already had his exhibit at MoMA, and we have similar perspectives and points-of-view, am I now precluded from also being exhibited at MoMA sometime in my life or thereafter? Or, does this mean I may be a creative genius as well and someday I’ll have a MoMA exhibition?

I guess as with most things in life, only time will tell. At least I found a kindred spirit.

Thanks MoMA and Stephen!

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