What Are My Skills?

As you have probably gathered in reading some of my posts, I’m working to discover what to do in the next chapter of my life. To help me figure that out, I’ve been reading Born For This by Chris Guillebeau.

In one of the chapters, it essentially is asking the reader, me in this case, to make a list of the skills and strengths one possesses to build upon, and identify areas to improve upon. I’m pretty good at being critical of myself and what I need to do better. But, I’m not so good at acknowledging or seeing what I do well.

I’d like to ask your help in this, not to stroke my ego or puff up my head, but to help me see what I often fail to see due to the blinders I’ve always had towards the good things I do, or can do.

My request is that you let me know in the comments, or privately in some manner, whichever you are most comfortable in doing, what you see that I can bring to the table, organization, or a business I may someday own.

Any thoughts are much appreciated and I thank you in advance for them.

One thought on “What Are My Skills?

  1. I left you such a great comment. I did not hit the post comment. I will try again and do it right this time.


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