I Love New York!

We got home late last night from our vacation in New York. For me, it is hard to leave New York. I love the City, the sights, the energy. When leaving, I always feel lighter and ready to tackle life. If I ever win the lottery, or somehow become very rich, New York is where I want to spend a whole lot of my time, if not all of my time.

Rob, Joe, Richard and I packed quite a bit into just a few days. We ate, we walked, we yachted, we tram’d, we subway’d, we relaxed, we fun’d, and of course, we did Broadway.

The restaurants we enjoyed were John’s Pizzeria,Carmine’s, Remi,Carlo’s Bakery, Wafels and Dinges, Brooklyn Diner,Jing Fong,Amorino,Herb N’Kitchen and Lindy’s.

We saw a variety of sights including riding the Roosevelt Island Tram,Classic Harbor Line New York Architectural Tour (on a yacht), the High Line, walk in Central Park,MoMA,Downton Abbey Exhibition, and walking through Times Square.

We were able, as a group, to see five performances this year. All of us went to see Afterglow,The Marvelous Wonderettes, Beautiful: The Carole King Story, and The Play That Went Wrong. Richard and I also went to see Jersey Boys. Every one of the performances were pretty good, but, if you can only see one performance when visiting New York, go see The Play That Went Wrong. You will be in stitches of laughter from start to finish for this one.

It was great to spend time with Rob and Joe. It was great to have alone time with Richard. It was great to do my walkabouts to clear my head.

Thank you Big Apple. I miss you already.

P.S.—A special shout-out to my sister Roxanna and my mom! They came out for the week to be with our kids so Richard and I could enjoy our vacation. Love you!!!

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