Get Ready…The Drum Beat To War Has Begun

As if we didn’t already have enough to worry about with our current president and his administration. You know, the tweets, the harassment of women, buddying up to white nationalists, backing down from the NRA, his family running the country, and least we forget, the lying, lying, lying. Oh, and his inability stand-up to Russia, Putin, and meddling in our elections and power grid.

Now we have to worry about his new National Security Advisor trumpeting going to war with North Korea or Iran or fill-in-the-blank.

I’m worried because I have one son about to be eligible for the draft with all of my kids being eligible over the next couple of years. I don’t want them going to war to satisfy someone who doesn’t appear to have met a war he didn’t want to wage, nor a spoiled billionaire president who seems hellbent on diverting as much attention away from the lawsuits and Russia probe as possible.

I mean, what better diversion is there than war or extreme military action. Can we even afford another war front? We’ve already reached the $21 trillion dollar mark in our borrowing. Plus, the tax cuts are going to add to this deficit along with the spending bills being passed or about to be. Really, can we afford another war front and survive financially, let alone the cost of lives to fight, not for what is right, but for distraction and attention?

Please, can we either get some actual critical-thinking adults in the White House who fully look at the possible consequences of whim-decision-making? Or at least a Congress that will actually do their Constitutional duty and check this president’s actions?

If not, heaven help not just We the People, but all the peoples of the world.

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