Where to Live for Retirement

A little while ago I wrote asking about what a former educator, me, might do after retirement. I received a few very viable possibilities. One of those (thanks Sonia) has stuck in my mind to possibly even start on the side now. I just have to hash out what it might look like and the logistics of it.

Since I received some good suggestions on what to do after retirement, I thought I’d ask for some suggestions on where to live after retirement.

Our good friends and family, my gay dads, my husband and I would like to move to the same place as they will also be retiring around the same time as us. We’ve missed being close and want to live near one another during our golden years.

For the past couple of years, we’ve bandied about several cities, such as Cleveland (too cold/snowy), Austin (liberal enclave, but a too conservative state as a whole), Columbus (dismissed right away), Portland (too expensive). We were leaning towards Richmond, VA and are visiting there this summer. Salem, OR has recently been discussed as well. Vancouver, BC has also been thrown in the mix here and then, but we aren’t sure how moving there would affect our retirement funds or even if it would be possible as retirees.

The place needs to be friendly to retirees, lean more liberal, have a moderate to low cost of living, fair housing prices, seasons (but moderate winter) and be a larger city or close to one. Our families are in the Midwest and Southern states, so close to them would be icing on the cake.

So, with the above criteria in mind, what city might you suggest?

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