Dear RuPaul…

Dear RuPaul,

You really broke your own ground rule of , “Don’t F* It Up!,” on All Stars 3. You let your queens decide who should be in the final two to lip sync for the chance to join the All Stars Hall of Fame.

Big, no dare I say it, huuuugge mistake.

Those queens, as a group, had no idea or clue about how to make a mature decision. It was all pettiness in using who already had a crown, who needed the exposure more, or who had already made it pretty big outside of Drag Race as the criteria to make the decision. None of them a true professional in any sense of the word in choosing who had actually earned the right to do that final lip sync.

This is your show, your rules. You could have stopped the madness to maintain the integrity of your show. But, you allowed the travesty of not letting Shangela into the final two. A place she more than rightfully earned through her performance on this season of All Stars. Even more so with her comments after not being chosen.

No queen, in my humble opinion, has grown so much from the first time she stepped foot on your show until now.

Not to let her have the chance to compete against Trixie, or Bebe, or Kennedy was truly outrageous.

I’ve not always agreed with whom you have chosen to win Drag Race or All Star Drag Race, but I’ve always felt they had earned the right to be in the finale. This time however was all wrong, all wrong.

In fact, I’m trying to decide if I will continue to watch Drag Race after this fiasco. I mean if the most well-deserved contestants can’t make it to the finale, what is the point of the show.

Shangela should be on that wall and only you can make it right.

Please do, and don’t, this time, “F* it up!”

Thank you,


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