Hillary, puh-lease…

Hillary, please don’t make me regret voting for you in the 2016 election (although full-disclosure, I was a Bernie person).

You lost. For better or for worse, the electorate, through the Electoral College, chose the current administration. I know no one likes to lose and it can make one bitter. Don’t go there. If you do, then you may single-handedly cause the blue wave that appears on the horizon to crash.

So, just stop it.

Stop the negative comments about middle America. It only harms your fellow Democrats. It turns off would be voters. It turns off potential new voters. Would you like that to be your legacy? Do you want to add this to the baggage you already had (whether of your own making or not), to up-and-coming Democrat candidates?

I hope the answer is no. I hope the answer is you only want was is best for the country, all of the country. Not just the ones you say are optimistic and more productive than half of the country. When you say they are looking backwards (or deplorable), you are offending many people who believe in the Democrats, as some of those you say are looking backwards are our families as many of us were born and raised in those parts of the country before migrating to the “blue” states.

I can call them backwards because we’re family, you can’t. Although I just like to think of them as misguided, just as they think I’m misguided, it doesn’t mean we don’t still love one another.

I’ll admit, I’m starting to compare you to Sarah Palin. A politician who is a bit bitter she lost, and just can’t give up the limelight. Don’t follow in her footsteps. Follow in Michelle Obama’s dignified words, “When they go low, we go high.”

What I’m asking is, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. There are better ways to say what you may have to say—there are about 250,000 words in the English Language after all—without it becoming an ad for the Republicans this fall. If you want to continue to be offensive, then I respectfully ask that you retire from public life, write your memoirs to be published many years hence, and let the more optimistic young Democrats come to power.

Please don’t make me regret my vote for you, as your comments are starting to make me wonder if you would’ve been any better than our current President. He is someone who only wants to govern those whom voted for him, to Hell with the rest. Do you really wanted to be placed in his company?

If not, then I implore you Madame Secretary, get woke and help, not hinder your Party.

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