Hillary and Melania

Interestingly, Hillary and Melania have been on my mind in recent weeks. I would have to say they became prominent in my mind after the Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) story broke.

I’ve been wondering if Hillary has reached out to Melania at all. After all, Melania was not in competition with Hillary, Melanie’s husband was the competition.

Although I have no pity for Melania, I do feel sorry for her. After all, the affairs, sexual harassment/assaults and general bad behavior towards women by her husband is quite public now. Even though men and women of all ilks cheat on their spouses, it rarely becomes international news where it is tweeted about, shared on Facebook or splashed across magazines and newspapers on an almost daily basis. That must be quite humiliating, even if you knew this was the type of man you were marrying.

Which is why I’ve been wondering if Hillary has reached out to Melania as a fellow woman, mother, public figure, former First Lady, and someone whose husband’s affairs became international news. I would think Hillary would be able to offer her advice, counsel and be sympathetic as someone who has walked in Melanie’s shoes.

We would most likely never know if this has occurred and that is probably the way it should be.

But, it hasn’t stopped from wondering if Hillary has a heart big enough to reach out to someone who may be in need of a heart and shoulder right now.

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