Being New

When one moves to a new job, a new community, new school, new classroom, or something similar, there is always that feeling of uncertainty.

In moving to a new school this year, I’m having that feeling of uncertainty. Not about whether it was the right thing to move, but in what needs to be done to acclimate myself to the new school.

We had Meet Your Teacher this past Friday. It felt like we had a great turnout. I was able to meet many of the families and students, and see the interactions between staff and families.

As a newbie to the community, there was uncertainty about what this event should look like. I knew what it should look like at my old school, and they didn’t look the same. That’s okay though since each place has a different expectation for the event.

During the event, I kept thinking about how I was feeling and placing myself into how the students must be feeling. Every year they are a newbie with no real choice in who their teacher will be. What will the teacher be like? Will the expectations be the same? What about the rules? What will I have to learn and how will I learn it? Will I know anyone and will they still be my friend? I’m sure the teachers and parents are having similar thoughts since it a new set of students, teachers/colleagues and principal this year for them too.

It isn’t easy being in a new environment no matter one’s age.

As we begin the new year, with the many new things associated with being new, let’s pause for a moment. Let’s step out of ourselves for a moment and change perspectives. Ponder how you are feeling about the new year and then ponder how the students, teachers, families, principal might be feeling at this time too.

My goal, and I invite you to join me, is to pause and put myself in another’s shoes before acting, even if just for a moment. Each situation is new in some way. It is an opportunity to think before acting. In doing so, it may just help to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

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