300 New Words

300 new words. That is one of our goals this year within our instructional practice. That equates to 6-8 vocabulary words per week. This is a goal we can reach with our students.

These 6-8 vocabulary words though will not be just any old words. The vocabulary we must teach must connect to classroom learning, be applicable across content and accessible to all learners in a variety of ways.

Each grade level and classroom will maintain a vocabulary notebook. During our first days back, teachers began planning and designing what the vocabulary notebooks might look like in practice. There were many ideas, which all focused on effective use as a learning tool.

The notebooks will reflect the many ways in which our students learn. They might contain graphics organizers, visual definitions, written definitions from the dictionary or developing a definition based on context clues within text, response to literature and informational text. Vocabulary notebooks will be created and used, keeping the needs and learning styles of students in mind.

To help our students be more successful, we also need to ask for your help and support.

Make it a point to ask to see your student’s notebook when you visit or volunteer in the classroom, meet with the teacher, or during conference time. Ask your student’s teacher what the vocabulary words are for the week to enable you to practice the words at home. Look for opportunities to notice and point out the words when reading with your student, practice the vocabulary in the context of everyday print (electronic and traditional). Develop a habit of using the words in daily conversation at home.

Doing any of the above strategies at home will help ensure the vocabulary becomes instilled and a part of your student’s knowledge base. We want students to be able to see, know and use the words correctly to help them in their lifelong journey as a person, employee, learner, inventor, business owner, or whatever they may come to be as they go through life.

Join us in reaching our goal of 300 new words for all students this year. Together we will achieve our goal!

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