Dinner for One

This evening I decided I wanted to treat myself to dinner. The hardest decision was where to take myself. When going out with someone you can bandy about where to go based on who’s craving something or another. By yourself, it should be easier, but it took me a minute to decide.

I ended up at Salsa Verde. Burrito’s were on my mind, but I ended up having tacos. It didn’t dawn on me it was Taco Tuesday. $2.00 a taco, so I had one beef and one shredded chicken taco.

Before I left I grabbed my podcast notebook. Papa Rob and I have been working on a podcast idea for a few months. My mind has been sorting out some wording and phrasing to describe what we’ve been discussing.

While waiting for my order, I started writing. After several scratching out or striking through what I’d written, I had a workable draft to share. When I’d finished my meal, I sent it off to Papa Rob for his review. We plan on meeting soon to continue the conversation as an end to our short hiatus. The creative process takes time and often proceeds at its own pace.

It just feels good to have the word salad out of my brain. Now it can start working on the next challenge.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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