Nothing New in Politics

As much as most of us would like for politics to be improving all of our lives, it seems for some of us that is not the case. Look to Florida, look to Texas, look to Ohio, even look to Indiana.

Women’s rights are in jeopardy with the extreme limits on abortion. Now elected Republicans are going after the morning after pill. There is even discussions on banning birth control.

Gay rights are in jeopardy with the don’t say gay bills popping up around the country. Based on the comments of a Supreme Court justice, same sex marriage needs to be re-litigated. If abortion as a settled law wasn’t safe, neither is same sex marriage, and possibly not even inter-racial marriage.

Books are being banned. Books that mainly discuss the true history of our country. Books that discuss different types of families. Books that seem to scare white folks. Books that seem to scare the Christian right. In a country founded on freedom, it is interesting people want to tell us what we can or can’t read.

Trans people are under fire. Drag queens are under fire. Voter rights are under fire. Regulations to keep us safe are under fire. Even basic civility is under fire.

I keep wondering when people who keep thinking a dictatorship or authoritarian government isn’t possible here wakes up. Wakes up to the realization we are like a frog in the frying pan moment. If we, as a collective, don’t hop out of the hot water soon, we are about to get cooked.

What will be the tipping point? Will it be too late?

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