Arrest Him Already

Every day we hear more and more about the documents Trump absconded from the White House. From the mundane to SCI documents, he had them in his possession. Documents that should have been placed in the National Archives.

Every day I feel less confident about our legal system. We have a man who has eluded accountability for at least the last six years, but some would say his entire life. I firmly believe if he was anything other than white and wealthy, and a former president, he’d be behind bars by now. Our legal system continues to show us he is above the law.

Every day he continues to suck all the oxygen out of the room. If it isn’t a law suit, it’s an accusation. If it isn’t a whine about how he is treated, it’s spreading a lie. If it isn’t a denial of knowing someone from his White House inner circle, its a threat to burn the house down if the heat on him isn’t lifted.

Every day we, as a nation, become more aware of the violence simmering just below the surface. It is quite apparent that if it ever happens, his arrest, there will be violence in the streets, and possibly in the halls of Congress. We know it, and he should still be arrested. Let’s get the violence out in the open, let it unfold, and hopefully we still have law enforcement officers who will do their duties to quell it and arrest the perpetrators. The longer we let the violence simmer, the worse the violence will be as the instigators are having more time to plan and fuel the flames.

It’s time! Arrest him already!

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